Midnight – 5am                  The Word In Praise (Music)

5am                                        Key Life / Steve Brown

5:15am                                   Discover The Word / RBC

5:30am                                  Daily Hope / Rick Warren

5:55am                                   Crossview / Randy Snyder

6:00am – 8:30am               The Source Morning Show with Lynn Berna

8:30am                                  Turning Point / David Jeremiah

9:00am                                  Haven Today / Charles Morris

9:30am                                  Revive Our Hearts / Nancy DeMoss

9:55am                                   The Word / Ken Boone

10:00am                                Grace To You / John MacArthur

10:30am                                 In Touch / Charles Stanley

10:55am                                 Crossview / Randy Snyder

Noon                                      Insight For Living / Charles Swindoll

12:30pm                                Focus On The Family

1:04pm                                  Life Issues / Brad Mattes

1:05pm                                  Family Life Today / Dennis Rainey

1:30pm                                  Walk In The Word / James MacDonald

2:00-4:00pm                       The Dave Ramsey Show LIVE!

4:00-6:00pm                       Ken Kettering in the Afternoon

6:05pm                                 Truth For Life / Alistair Begg

6:30pm                                 Adventures in Odyssey

6:55pm                                 Free Indeed / Pacific Garden Mission

7:00pm                                 Evenings with Robin Walton

8:00pm                                 Insight For Living / Swindoll

8:30pm                                 Hope for the Heart / June Hunt

8:55pm                                  Joni & Friends

9:00pm                                 The Truth Pulpit / Don Green

9:25pm                                 Crossview / Randy Snyder

9:30pm                                 Focus on the Family

10:00pm                               The Alternative / Tony Evans

10:30pm                               Daily Hope / Rick Warren

11:00pm                                Nightsounds / Bill Pearce

11:30pm                                Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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