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Because the mission of WFCJ is to glorify God by using communications technology, with excellence and integrity, to lead the lost to Jesus Christ and the Christian into a closer walk with Him. By giving to our ministry, you are helping us to further the Gospel of Christ…
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Keep An Eye Out For...
See Dave Ramsey Live At The Schuster Center in Dayton for the Legacy Journey AND for the EntreLeadership 1-Day the previous day!!728x90_e1d_dayton
Celebrate the family by attending a screening of Irreplaceable during the theatrical one night event on May 6, get your tickets now!IrreplaceableWebAds728x90
“Now, the station that began broadcasting in a building the size of a two-car garage over fifty years ago can be heard in Dayton, Cincinnati and Richmond, Indiana on the radio as well as worldwide on the Internet.”
Kroger Rewards
Please encourage your friends and family to also JOIN TODAY to support WFCJ through the Kroger Community Rewards program! IT’S SO EASY: Just register your Kroger Plus Card online and link it to WFCJ Radio #84769. You can only link your Kroger Plus Card to one organization will you please choose to support WFCJ?