Submit Your Church/Ministry/Community Events!

We would love to hear about your Church/Ministry/Community event! Please give us the details below.
We can’t air every announcement, but we’ll do our best!

93.7 Guidelines For Submitting An Event

  • Events should be submitted at least two-three weeks in advance of the event or the registration deadline to maximize the promotional opportunity.
  • WFCJ-FM reserves the right to determine which announcements are used and to edit the content.
  • The amount of promotion given is directly related to our understanding of the potential impact of the event in the community.
  • Please be sure to describe the ministry content of the event

Event Information

  • Event Times

  • Event Location

  • Additional Details

  • Let us know any other details you want the public to know (such as "There will be food & games!" or "Come and join us at our annual festival where there will be concerts all day!").


WFCJ-FM does not necessarily endorse any event and we reserve the right to reject or edit any information sent our way.

Thank you!

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