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“I was saved over the weekend. It started with your station. Listening to WFCJ brought me close to God. Thank you so much for your broadcast! May God use your station for people like me that get a second chance.”

Lori Beth

“Thanks for being there for us every day of the year. You are a beacon of hope in these days of social distress. It’s nice to have a radio oasis to tune in to and hear clear, sound doctrine, and uplifting music. May God bless your financial needs for the coming year and into the future.”


“Recently, I had tests done at Kettering Hospital. The tech asked if I would like to hear some music. I said, ‘I only listen to WFCJ!’ He said, ‘no problem, I like it too!’ So 93.7 came on in the room and I felt such peace come over me. God knew I needed this special ‘tech guy’ that loved 93.7 too!”


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