Sunday Radio Programs

Midnight – 7am             The Word In Praise – Music

7:00am                            FYI – Lynn Berna / Public Affairs

7:15am                             Music

7:30am                            Truth For Life – Weekend / Alistair Begg

8:00am                           Viewpoint / Jim Lyon

8:30am                           Turning Point Weekend / David Jeremiah

9:00am                           Words To Live By / RBC

9:30am                           Music with Lorraine Christian

10:00am                         Psalm 95 / National Christian Choir

11:00am                          Worship with Andy Chrisman

Noon                                Music with Lorraine Christian

12:30                                Peace With God / Billy Graham

1:00pm                            The Word In Praise – Music

2:00pm                            Janet Mefferd Show – Weekend (2 hours)

4:00pm                           Faith & Liberty – David Garrison

5 – 7 p.m.                        The Word in Praise – Music

7:00pm                           In Touch Weekend / Charles Stanley

8:00pm                           Insight For Living / Chuck Swindoll

8:30pm                           Turning Point Weekend / David Jeremiah

9:00pm                           Radio Theatre / Focus On The Family

9:30pm                           Unshackled / PGM

10:00pm                         The Word In Praise – Music