Saturday Radio Programs

Midnight – 7am                The Word In Praise – Music

7:00am                                First Person / Wayne Shepherd

7:30am                                MoneyWise Weekend / Howard Dayton

8:00am                               Sports Spectrum

8:30am                               Haven Weekend

9:00am                               Adventures In Odyssey

9:30am                               Music with Lorraine Christian

10:00am                            Weekend Magazine / Focus On The Family

11:00am                             The Public Square / American Policy Roundtable

Noon                                   Celebration Of Praise / Robin Walton

6:00pm                               Unshackled

6:30pm                               Notes From Home / Robin Walton               

7:00 – 9pm                         Worship with Andy Chrisman

9:00pm                               Under the Radar

10:00pm                             The Word in Praise