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In Memory of My Mom…


She Taught Me So Much by Ellen Sue Rymer


She taught me joy

     for her daily tasks were accompanied by her happy singing.

She taught me laughter

     for a smile was an unchanging part of her face.

She taught me beauty

     for just as flowers beautified her home, so did her spirit beautify her life.

She taught me friendship

     for she never met a stranger or a person so lowly she could not befriend them.

She taught me love

     for she so surrounded me in its warm glow that it seemed she was the very essence of love.

She taught me peace

     for even in the mightiest of storms her voice and the touch of her hand could calm my inner soul.

She taught me determination

     for even when her body was weak her spirit kept fighting for life.

She taught me hope

     for even when life seemed clouded, she never gave up believing tomorrow  would be better than today.

She taught me to believe in myself

     for she always believed in me.

She taught me to live

     for she always lived life to its fullest measure.

She taught me Christ

     for He so lived in her that her words, deeds, and even the meditations of her heart were a constant witness to His lordship. 


This week…  the great joy of having teenagers in your home

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Guest: Joani Geltman, MSW Child Development and Parenting Expert

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church congregation : Small country church with white steeple and stone bricks

Topic:  Protecting Church congregations and Security issues at Church

Guest:  Mark Stusek, Local security expert, former Dayton police officer

and Founder of G2G (Glory to God) solutions

church congregation : Mosaic above the entrance of historic Washington Hebrew Congregation building, Washington, DC. The close up photo of church mosaic.

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