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 Topic:  Navigating the Christian life with a sense of humor and sincere love for Jesus Christ!


Guest:  Jayne Schooler, Child Development Trainer with Back2Back ministries

Wounded Children, Healing Homes
The Whole Life Adoption Book

Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child
Journeys After Adoption
Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant
Searching for A Past

Topic:  Sensory Smart Strategies Weekend April 17 & 18 at West Carrollton Church of the Nazarene 550 S Elm Street

Children first learn about the world through their senses. They touch and see people and objects, hear noises, experience smells and tastes, and explore their bodies’ ability to move through space against the force of gravity.

These pieces of sensory information integrate to give the child an understanding of the environment and a sense of well-being and security.



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Family Impact addresses issues crucial to you and your family in contemporary society.  We talk with guests about ways to be better at parenting, loving our spouses, and caring for our homes.  Sometimes we talk about ministry to family as it relates to the single person.
We try to throw in some topics to surprise you and keep you smiling!

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