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Guest:  Carrie Gordon Earll is the vice president of government and public policy at Focus on the Family, where she oversees the ministry’s issue analyst staff providing expertise on a range of public policy topics.

Topic:  A three-part conversation on responding in Christ-like manner to the same sex Marriage ruling.


church congregation : Small country church with white steeple and stone bricks

Topic:  Protecting Church congregations and Security issues at Church

Guest:  Mark Stusek, Local security expert, former Dayton police officer

and Founder of G2G (Glory to God) solutions

church congregation : Mosaic above the entrance of historic Washington Hebrew Congregation building, Washington, DC. The close up photo of church mosaic.

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Family Impact addresses issues crucial to you and your family in contemporary society.  We talk with guests about ways to be better at parenting, loving our spouses, and caring for our homes.  Sometimes we talk about ministry to family as it relates to the single person.
We try to throw in some topics to surprise you and keep you smiling!

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