2015 Interviews

Simon Kenton Bridges of Hope

by Dr. Michael Deis | (12/10)

World Championships - Team USA Paralympic bronze medal winner

by Grace Norman | (11/4)

Faith Fest at the University of Dayton

by Brother Brandon Paluch | (10/26)

Live2Lead Dayton

by Leah Sparling & Gil Dukeman | (8/25)

Police/Community Relations

by Dr. Patrick Oliver / Cedarville University | (8/21)

Marijuana Legalization in OH

by Julie Furj-Kuhn | Cedarville University (8/18)

The Stresses of College / Cedarville University

by Dr. Jon Wood | (7/31)

Keeping Auto From Overheating

by Jim Harworth Tire and Auto Repair | (7/30)

Partial Birth Abortion/Planned Parenthood

by Dr. Dennis Sullivan | (7/20)

Pro Director of Athletes in Action

by Corwin Anthony | 6/15

Creative Ways to Grill Your Pork

by Pam Johnson - National Pork Board | (6/2)

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